The Beginning

“The beginning is always today.”

Mary Shelley

After doubting myself a million times, I’m excited (and scared) to finally be launching this website. I’ve been working on this project on and off since last year but you might have noticed that I haven’t been able to finish some of the pages yet. It’s been a challenge trying to find time and motivation to work on the pages but if I wait any longer I might end up not launching this website at all. So here we are, Iet me know what you think.

With this website, I am not only hoping to share to you guys new products and artworks but also useful articles to help you with your creative journey. Links, tutorials, online tools and other resources I have discovered and will discover in the future. I have dabbled with blogging before and I guess I miss being able to share something where I am not in the mercy of algorithms and be free from the mental suffering that it inflicts on me and I am sure to other creators as well. I still think Instagram (there’s no harm in mentioning it, right?) is a good way to connect to people but I do not want to entirely rely on it. I am definitely not leaving Instagram but I want to be mindful with how it makes me feel and how I consume the content that I see on the platform.

I also miss spending time to read blogs. With the rise of short form content, it is so easy to just tap the like button and scroll in a fraction of a second. I have done this a lot of times and it’s a habit I want to unlearn. I want to take time to read and appreciate good content, give it the attention that it deserves.

If you are reading this and you have a blog, please feel free to share your links in the comment section below, I would love to read them and drop comments whenever I have something to share too. I would love to go blog hopping again, wow I haven’t used that term for years!

New products for your planners and journals

Exited to share to you guys new items on the shop. Not really much but I want to say I did my best to come up with new products for this launch. I was not able to tick all the checkboxes on my to do list but I am happy that I tried, more products to come on the next shop update, (July) God willing.

Some of the New Products on the Shop

To my patrons: Please don’t forget to use your discount coupons on checkout if you want to buy anything form the shop. Link to the coupon codes here if you missed it: Wild Daisy Coupon | Baby’s Breath Coupon

Coupon for you

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PS. If you see any issues or errors on the website, please let me know so I can fix as soon as possible.

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