NEW! Functional Character Stickers on the Shop

When it comes to functional planning, I prefer my pages to be clean and free from large stickers as much as possible. However, if you can’t deny the fact that cute functional stickers just adds extra visual appeal to your spreads! As a creative, it always makes me happy to see hand drawn elements on my planners and journals.

I have been incorporating small character stickers on my Take a Note planner (A5), since I do have the extra space. This made me want to create more character stickers and I want to share to you all the character/functional stickers I have created for the shop so far, and hoping I can add more in the future!

Clear Stickers

I made these clear functional stickers as small as I can so I can use them on my Hobonichi weeks. If you use the Hobonichi weeks, you’ll know how small the pages are so these are perfect if you want a more minimal and simple look on your planner.

Character Functional Stickers

Sometimes, I just need a little more character on my planner spreads. Colors and characters to represent a certain activity on you planner is a good way to use them!

These sticker designs are made to have a specific function in mind. I designed them to help me label certain events and tasks in my planner like taking out trash, work, having my coffee, reading the Bible, doing the laundry etc. I find that this makes it easier for me to spot these tasks at a glance.

Her are some photos of my Take a Note planner where I have used some of the character stickers.

I have been loving this planning system so far and I hope I get to make more character stickers in the future. I do have a lot of ideas listed down.

That’s all for now and if you’ve ready this far, thank you so much! Take care!

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