February 2024 Art Compilation

Ah February! As expected, I made less art than January and since it is already April, I can assure you that March wasn’t any better. That’s why for April, I am making sure that I get back into creating more drawings and paintings as much as I can. But for now, let us stay focused on February.

One good thing about February is that I finally got back to using my watercolor paints and revived my other art account on Instagram: huesandprintsart. I’ve always been hesitant to post non-shop related posts on my huesandprints account mostly because I don’t want people to get confused on what types of products I offer on my shop. I know it seems a bit too much, I now have 4 Instagram accounts but I guess it makes more sense, in my mind at least, to categorize these hobbies of mine into different Instagram accounts.

The graphics for February is quite different from the January 2024 Compilation. I am too lazy to scan my sketchbooks and it’s much easier to take photos on my phone. I was a bit too ambitious in January I guess 😀

Thank you so much for reading!

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