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Behind the Scenes – journaling, packing happy mail and a lot more

I started to edit this video in August and abandoned it for the rest of 2023! I am so glad I can finally move past this and start to work on the next one.

On this video, you will see some behind the scene clips from 2022. I still had my Patreon account back then and was sending out happy mails to my Patreon. You will also get to see me design a sticker sheet as well as my process in journaling and cutting stickers.

I also added a voice over on this video and was so close to deciding to not upload it on Youtube because I am still not used to hearing my voice on videos. I am trying to get over that fear and hoping that I get better the more I do it 😀

I know it is a common fear for everybody and if you happen to stumble across this post and watch the video, I hope it also encourages you to get over your fear and to step out of your comfort zone for a while, you might end up discovering new things about yourself along the way.

Can you believe January 2024 is almost over? I still feel like I am stuck in December! Anyway, that is all from me today! Hope you enjoy reading this post/watching the video.

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