mark 5:34 a journal spread

on choosing faith over anxiety and fear – a journal spread

And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace. Your suffering is over”

Mark 5:34 NLT

We all have our anxious thoughts and for me personally, as I get older, all of these anxious thoughts gets bigger and stronger. I worry about a lot of things… anything that could go wrong in the future, I try to picture in my head, so many what ifs. Not only that, I also feel sorry and disappointed about myself for not knowing how to properly handle these anxious thoughts and feelings although I have consumed so many ideas and books about this topic.

When I came across this verse on the Bible plan that I was reading that time, I felt comforted and reassured. But there is one problem, the word: faith. I also realized then that that is also the solution to my problem. Faith. Mine, needs a lot of work. For more context on the verse you can read here, you may also read the entire chapter.

There’s been a lot of moments in my life where I pray and ask God for help but I still worry and put a lot of pressure to myself. It’s as if I did not pray at all. If I asked God for help, and I still worry about the problem, that could only mean I did not have complete confidence in God. What kind of faith did I have? I did not truly believe that God is able to help me. Maybe that’s why peace has been elusive lately.

This verse, not only reminded me of God’s love but it was also a big heart check for me. Have I been too proud lately? Yes, I seem to think that I can handle everything by myself and since I mindlessly put everything on my shoulders, me, a very unreliable human being with a mind that is always changing and is constantly distracted, full of emotions and feelings, an imperfect person. That can only lead to one path: the endless road to anxiety and fear.

So friend, if you are in the same situation as me, I hope that you also find a solution to your anxious thoughts and fears. In my case, it is God’s words. His gentle and loving nudges always leads me to beautiful moments and realisations. Human as I am, I still feel anxious, fear still visits me daily. But when I remind myself of God, everything seems bearable, everything is better. God’s voice has always been comforting and calming, the enemy’s is the opposite: worry, anxiety, stress.

I still get anxious every day but having the power to choose faith over anxiety and fear is one of the greatest manifestations of God’s love. Imagine not being able to have that choice? It is not easy but I hope that reminding ourselves of this fact helps us to overcome these anxious thoughts.

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