on social media and escapism – a creative journal spread

Nowhere you can go is more peaceful, more free of interruptions than you own soul

marcus aurelius

One of the new things I did this year was to start a common place notebook. I started on April 10th, 2023 until July and kind of forgot about it. I came across this quote while I was randomly turning the pages and I realized 2 things: (1) since I included the page where this quote was mentioned, it was so easy for me to find the quote and read the whole chapter (2) I’ve relied so much on social media to avoid work – a way to help me escape whatever it is I need to do. Instead of addressing the issue within myself, I turn to my phone and let it take over my life for a while.

I’ve also started to notice how much social media can affect my emotions/mood. It only takes one post. Wether it be a sad, happy, inspiring, funny etc. I always end up feeling overwhelmed and carrying much more emotions than when I started scrolling through my feed. Things would have been better if I had just taken the time to internalize my feelings and thoughts rather than going to social media because the issue does not go away, it only gets bigger the more you avoid it.

Sharing below the last paragraphs from this amazing book from Ryan Holiday on the chapter about escapism.

Stand in front of the mirror. Get to know your front porch.

You were given one body when you were born – don’t try to be someone else, somewhere else. Get to know yourself.

Build a life that you don’t need to escape from.

Stillness is the key, Ryan Holiday

Isn’t that a great reminder that sometimes, you only need to look within to gain clarity and peace. Not on your phone, not on the beach, not on some fancy restaurants or expensive things.

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