Remember gratitude – a creative journal spread

Gratitude has a lot to do with remembering

I found myself seeking for something positive in my day recently. Maybe it’s the fact that 2023 is almost over and my brain can’t help but think about how I failed to achieve my goals in so many ways this year. But at the same time, part of me doesn’t want to feel like a failure because I know that I did my best.

In times like this, God’s words has always been my source of wisdom and joy. It humbles me in the best way possible to be reminded that God has blessed me (and you) in so many ways and because I was too focused on myself, I forget to appreciate God and acknowledge His presence in my life. It was always Him, not me. So thinking that I failed is saying in way that everything that I accomplished was by my own doing when in reality, it was God’s sustenance that kept me going. Without Him, it would not have been possible for me to be where I am today.

I wanted to be grateful and to not be a worrier. One way to be grateful, I learned (from the Bible Plan that I was reading during this time), is to remember who God is in my life. His grace, his blessings, his love, every highs and lows, I should make more efforts to thank God for it and remember. Everything that is good and prefect is from Him.

This series, I officially call as Glimmering Thoughts Archive is a collection of my creative journal spreads. I come across random thoughts, ideas and quotes that inspires me in different ways and although it is almost impossible to capture emotions and feelings, I at least wanted to be reminded of them through these journal spreads. To a random person, it may look like an ordinary journal spread but to me, it is a reminder of the things that I find important and interesting.

Products used on this spread:

  1. Sage
  2. Gentle Breeze
  3. Roses aren’t always red
  4. Dot clear stickers

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